Sunday, May 25, 2014

Why Should I Invest in Bahria Town ???

In the current age of dearness, everyone wants to earn something from sources even little, one has. If you are living in Karachi, a metropolis city, then you can not stand living without a shelter. Population more then 20million has made the city a congested place to live therefore, it was the high time to launch a project or a society where Karachites could lead their lives with peace and everything available within their reach.Invest in bahria town karachi
Bahria Town Karachi is also from one of the project one could ever dream for. Malik Riaz the owner of Bahria Town has already introduced the same town in Rawalpindi and Lahore which was a great success.
The important factor of this project is that Mr. Malik Riaz is trying to establish a city within the city at affordable price. He is thinking for the middle class and lower middle class. Middle and Lower middle class can get the land in affordable price and can build even their own house or start business or if one want to sale his property he is at his liberty and will get much more amount as own money.
One could never imagine that a registration slip would go from 15000 to lacs, still not confirm where it will be touching to. At least those from above two classes must have taken sigh of relief that their money has risen and they have sold their slips for own money which is 1500 time higher then its principle amount. Now we can understand if the slip is being traded then what would be the cost of its land and how lucky the allottee would be after balloting.
In short, Bahria Town has proven what they said earlier for Rawalpindi and Lahore then theymust do for Karachi also. People are a bit confused for still location not announced but they should not get worried cause Bahria Tower and Bahria Icon is a living example of their existence in Karachi then why not Bahria Town Karachi.
I wish Mr. Malik Riaz best of luck and pray for his plans to be successful in future.

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